Corporate Learning and Development Programs

Our team of affiliate coaches provides quality leader development programs based on Stakeholder Centered Development.

For more information on these programs and additional information about individual, group, and team leader coaching, please visit our coaching website at

High Potential and Diversity Leader Development


I didn't anticipate how transformative it would become even in the first few months! (participant review)

Based on Stakeholder Centered Coaching, we work with your high potential leaders in a year long cohort development program. The program includes:

  • identification of critical growth areas,

  • goal setting,

  • creation and support of internal accountability partners to support participants

  • development of tailored action plans,

  • executive coaching support for a year, and

  • regular measurement of leaders’ progress.

Team Development

(Executive, Management, & Project)


Executive teams who have used Stakeholder Centered Coaching for development have reported returns on investment in the millions.

Questions to consider:

  1. On a scale of 1 - 10, how well is your team (executive or project) presently working together?

  2. On a scale of 1 - 10, how well does your team need to be functioning to accomplish it's short and long term goals?

  3. What are the monetary and other long term business implications if the team doesn't close the gap?

If the gap is significant enough, team development may be for you.

“I used what I learned to resolve a difficult relationship issue that has been holding a key project back. My project is now moving forward!” (client)

Leader Development Mastermind Groups Program

In 2019, Stakeholder Centered Development will be launching the Leader Development Mastermind Group Program. After selecting their goal, leaders will meet once a month, being coached as a group. This program has several benefits:

  • for online Mastermind Groups, networking with peers or others in their career level throughout the United States

  • for onsite Mastermind Groups, increased peer and leader support

  • all the benefits of Stakeholder Centered Coaching

  • individual coaching sessions around goals, action planning, and transitioning to future success.

The program will be available to companies in a group package, as well as online.

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