It takes a village.

THANK YOU to the following individuals and companies who have helped us create the products and resources to support leaders and coaches:

  • CONTENT GUYS: Master Stakeholder Centered Coaching coaches Frank Wagner, Chris Coffey, and Mike McCartney - who have unselfishly given hours of time and attention reviewing the Workflow Manual and Management Tools. These three master certified coaches provided exceptional insight, and invaluable input, tweaking what was in place to make sure we hit the mark.

  • 2017 and 2018 Newly Certified Coaches: Thank you to the many newly certified coaches who have talked me with about the challenges they are facing, their additional needs when it comes to bringing Stakeholder Centered Coaching into business (either their own or a company they work for), and what would be of help to them. Their questions, comments, and feedback have been invaluable.

  • EDITOR: Julie Elefante - Julie is among the best professional editors you can find.

  • FORMAT: Tiffany Breinholt - To use InDesign or not - that is the question! And Tiffany was the go to consultant, helping identify the best digital format to make this work for coaches.

  • MUSIC: Scott Holmes - Yes, we have “a music guy” for our videos. Scott Holmes was just the right match for what we needed, and we highly recommend him.

  • VIDEOGRAPHER: Bry Cox - Nationally recognized photographer, who will begin shooting our videos in December 2018. We are lucky to have him!

Our Story


Stakeholder Centered Development is owned and operated by Rusman Consulting Solutions - an organization development company that provides consulting, leadership coaching, learning and development programs, and coaching products. Rusman Consulting Solutions operates two divisions:

  • Stakeholder Centered Development (product support for MGSCC coaches) - In 2018, after attending several certification sessions and listening to the challenges new coaches face, we received permission to create the tools and resources to help coaches get their businesses up and going or further facilitate bringing stakeholder centered coaching into corporate settings. We thank the many professionals (see below), including MGSCC co-creators Frank Wagner and Chris Coffey, who have done so generously supported us.

  • Leadership coaching, and learning and development services - Our team of affiliate coaches, who support corporate leader development, met in 2017 while volunteering for Warriors and Quiet Waters to provide coaching to post 9/11 combat vets. We bring over 135 years’ experience in leadership, coaching, facilitation, structured interviews and analysis, learning and development, and specialized training in several leadership models. To learn more about our coaching team, visit our coaching website at

Our Slogan

Excelling. Together.

Our Goal

Help leaders move from great to exceptional, making business (and life!) better.

More specifically, in addition to improving business outcomes through improved leadership, we want to influence the lives of 2 MILLION humans.

When you help a leader and business grow, you help his or her team by making work life easier. In turn, most of these individuals have less stress at work and take home less stress to the people who matter most in their lives - their families. Life is just… better. For everyone. We can’t do this alone - we need your help. The easier we make it for you to coach and bring this into your companies, the closer we get to our goal.