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Helping Coaches Run SCC Coaching. Quickly. Easy.

I wish I’d had this 18 years ago when I started! It has all the tools you need to get going with a fast, smart start. It’s really going to make a difference for coaches.
— Chris Coffey

 Product Videos

Our top 10 reasons we love using the benefits and features of the Workflow Manual and Management Tools. My favorite: Number 3!

What are the 3 challenges most coaches face when they get started?

A major challenge is getting your business organized quickly and easily so you can get started. But what are the other 3?

Meet Bob and Anne - two certified Stakeholder Centered Coaches, who end up taking very different paths!

This very simple story highlights many of the reasons that coaches just like you are opting to get help organizing the business from the start.


 Reviews & Testimonials

Master Certified Coach Mike McCartney talks about how the SCC Workflow Manual and Management Tools helps manages the process so you can focus on your clients!

The SCC Workflow Manual and Management Tools has helped new AND experienced coaches.Here's what one of our most experienced coaches has to say about the benefits of using it.
I LOVE this book!
— Dec 2018 Newly Certified Coach
You did it! For years, coaches have been talking about needing something like this! Congratulations!
— Master Certified Coach
Love (this)!! It is a must have and anyone who needs to hear it, send them my way...thank you!
— Dec 2018 Newly Certified Coach


Client Benefits


Send your clients the client folder at the start of the engagement - they no longer wait on coaches to get them what they need. They have everything they need - from the start.


Quickly and easily pick and choose from workflows to create a customized coaching experience based on client need and preference.

Coach Benefits

  • WORK FASTER AND EASIER - Access the documents, templates, emails, and forms you need at the click of a button. All steps in the process digitally mapped (hyperlinked) to exactly what you need.

  • GET ORGANIZED FAST - We’ve done it for you! Organizes approximately 50 emails, templates, forms, and other documents for you, your client, and for your record keeping. And you can always add your own folders as you wish, or add other documents to the folders we’ve sent to you.

  • MANAGES PROCESS FOR YOU - you don’t have to remember who does what or when. And you don’t have to send things to your client throughout the process after each coaching engagement. The Workflow Manual and Management Tools lay it all out FOR you AND for the client.

  • BRAND-ABLE - Emails and forms can be quickly and easily personalized for your company’s logo, language, and brand fonts/colors.

  • PROFESSIONAL EDGE - make it clear to your clients this isn’t your first rodeo. All materials are professionally edited and reviewed, and use gender neutral language to make it easier for any client

  • EASY RECORD KEEPING - Copy or print checklists into client folder for customized record keeping.


Features: Book

  • Breaks the SCC coaching process down into simple, easy to follow checklists

  • Checklists cover each major step or variation of the coaching process

  • All materials included: all emails, templates, forms, and resource documents included in a printed appendix

  • Tips from master certified coaches on how to manage the administration side quickly and easily

  • (Print version) Tabbed organization makes it easy to flip to exactly what you need in moments

  • (Print version) High quality printing materials used so that you’ll have these around for a long time

Features: Digital Materials


An e-Book Workflow Manual and Management Tools is included with digital materials. This book is digitally protected and cannot be printed. See above for features

  • digitally links every step to the appropriate materials needed

  • easy to read PDF format

  • includes all benefits and features or hard copy book - but formatted for your screen

You also receive a digital download licensed specifically to you. Your download license includes the following materials:

  • a coaching folder with all of the 22 major emails, templates, forms, and documents you’ll need

  • a client folder with all of the 17 major emails, templates, forms, and documents THEY need

  • a resource folder with 10 optional documents you MAY want to use, including the Do’s and Don’ts, tips on how to handle difficult stakeholder conversations, and guidance for new leaders who haven’t received a 360 before.

  • a checklist folder so you can copy (or print) pertinent checklists into each client’s folders creating a customized workflow just for that individual


Sample Content and Pages

*For a larger view of images, click on images below

Print Materials and e-Book Content Samples

Print Quality and Ease of Use

Metal O-binding and a hard plastic cover, full color print, with quality paper for long lasting use.

Tabbed organization makes it easy for coaches to easily access exactly what’s needed.

Checklist Sample

Checklists identify WHO needs to send WHAT and WHERE. Other features include:

  • Tips from master coaches,

  • Reference to the Coach’s Playbook,

  • Identification of exactly what materials should be used

  • When appropriate, guidance on what happens before or after a coaching session

Page Sample

Workflow diagrams on each tab pinpoint where you are in a coaching engagement, and which checklists coaches can choose from in that part of the process.

Digital Download Samples

Digital Download: Coaching Folder

The coaching folder includes 22 emails, templates, and forms coaches can work from depending on the nature of the engagement.

Emails identify not only what must be updated, but also reminders of documents that you should include for the email.

Making Branding Easy

All emails have been kept in simple Word formatting to ensure coaches can easily and simply modify language and branding font, color, and imaging.

Digital Download: Client Folder

The client folder includes 18 email and form templates, as well as additional resource documents clients will need to use.

Making Client Experience Easy

To make the process as simple as possible for clients, changes they need to make are highlighted in yellow.

Because Word is a commonly used software, materials come in simple Word format to ensure as many clients can use as possible.

Client folders can be sent to clients at the START of the engagement, so they no longer have to wait for you to send them materials after coaching sessions end.

Digital Download: Checklist Folder

There are 15 checklists in the Workflow manual, including 3 for different goal setting scenarios, and 4 for each of major variation of stakeholder enrollment.

Digital = Speed

Digital checklist versions have materials hyperlinked, so you can access the materials with the click of a mouse.

*Individuals who choose to re-brand materials should use the updated documents instead of the generic documents hyperlinked to checklists. Coaches are still able to access documents more quickly than before due to folder organization.

Frequently Asked Questions

Scroll down for answers to the following questions:

  • Are there budget options?

  • How are these materials different than the online resources?

  • How much time and money will I save? Are the materials really worth it?

When will these be included in the cost of the certification?

These materials will be included as part of the cost of certification starting in January 2020. Until that time, coaches previously certified as individual Stakeholder Centered Coaching® coaches will be able to purchase the materials at a discounted rate.

How are the materials different from the free resources online?

The online materials provided to date have not included any simple checklists or workflows. These materials help coaches start operationalizing SCC for businesses by mapping the Coach’s Playbook content and materials to the actual process and best practices.

Because of this, it typically takes new (and experienced) coaches several weeks to:

  • identify and map the specifics of the workflow,

  • sort through the hundreds of free resources on the international and US websites to decide what to use, and

  • organizing the materials.

Second, these have also been specially organized to help create exceptional customer experiences.

Before these materials were created, coaches would send clients the emails, templates, forms, and resources bit by bit, with clients having to wait for coaches to send them what they needed.

Coaches can now provide clients a folder with all the email templates and forms they would generally need at the start of the coaching engagement. Materials are labelled and organized so they are easy for clients to find and use.

Other differences include:

  • all emails, forms, and templates have been reviewed by a professional editor

  • checklists tie together the process outlined in th Coach’s Playbook with the materials (does not exist on website or in book)

  • materials are designed and organized to make the experience easier for you AND your clients (online materials are not organized for this)

  • email templates include reminders for the coach to attach specific documents (online materials do not include)

  • materials include tips from master coaches on making the SCC process easier to manage (online materials do not include)

  • materials include coaching industry reminders to ensure you operate the business according to best practices. For example, additional information is included about navigating conflicts of interest. (no SCC materials include this content)

How much time and money will I really save?

The short answer: You will save several weeks of time, close to $2,500 (or more) if you’re paying someone else to do the work for you, etc.

Don’t take just our word for it. Multiple experienced Master Certified Stakeholder Centered Coaches, including Frank Wagner, have purchased the materials.

Additional benefits include:

  • Those working for a company often have full work on their plates already, and don’t have the luxury of several weeks to work on organizing the work. We’ve seen multiple coaches who work internally stall using the certification because they just feel strapped for time. This provides a simple way for them to start coaching while allowing them to continue doing the other work required of them by their organization/business.

  • Those working for themselves also lose valuable time working with current paying clients and finding new paying clients. Coaches lose 100% of sales they don’t locate, find, and close while they’re focused on non-revenue generating tasks. The more time they spend doing administrative work, the less time they are able to devote to the work that generates money: finding new clients and working with paying clients.

If these materials are going to save me that much time and money, why aren’t these materials more expensive?

We did quite a bit of market research with SCC coaches to price the value of the materials. Many recognized that having someone come in and set up the workflow was highly valuable.

Some of the recommendations for pricing and the value of the materials were for over $1,000.

In addition to market research with SCC coaches, we also looked at other industries where individuals need computer tools or resources such as software to get their work done quickly and efficiently. For example, CPAs setting up their business purchase software that runs them $2,500. The digital download is priced similar to software, such as Microsoft Word that runs $439 to download.

How were the materials created?

Great question.

We started by mapping each major variation of the SCC coaching process and matching the variations to the materials. Even as experienced coaches with a pretty good amount of organization already in place, the first phase took about 120-160 hours (3-4 weeks) of time.

This included:

  • reviewing all parts of the Coach’s Playbook, identifying all the “who” does “what” and “when”

  • reviewing the free resources on Chris and Frank’s pages, as well as those from the international website

  • assessing whether we had all of the emails, templates, and forms we needed for the process and all the major variations

  • creating missing emails, templates, forms, and resource documents

  • simplifying several emails and templates

The second and more critical phase significantly added to the quality and accuracy of the materials and required the support and availability of others.

This phase took several more months to complete and included included:

  • ensuring materials met best practices. We asked Frank and Chris to review all of the materials we put together (and updated the materials to reflect feedback).

  • creating usable workflow checklists that could be used in any variation

  • getting tips to streamline the coaching process and make it easier by interviewing multiple Master Certified SCC Coaches.

  • organizing the materials so that they would work well from both a coach and client perspective.

  • having a professional editor review all of the emails, templates, forms, and resource documents.

  • putting the materials into a format that is easy for people to use whether in PDF or Microsoft Office, including hyperlinks, checklists that can be digitally checked off, formatting checklists so they can be used for coaching records, etc.

Is there a budget option?


The reason we sell the printed book separately from the digital download is because we recognize some of you want the workflow, but have limited budgets.

With the hard copy book, you’ll get all the tips, best practices, and there are printed copies of all the digital documents in the back if you want to know what the emails, templates, forms, and documents are.

Are there discount codes?

Not at this time, and it is not likely to occur.

Buyer Stories:

Before the materials were created, many coaches had to do this work on their own.

Before sharing a few stories about how this is making a difference, we thought it would help to share a few true (and typical) examples of what it looked like to get started without the resources available:

  • New Coach A: A newly certified coach from a consulting firm shared that he spent 3 weeks: 1) reading through and identifying the process and all of the major variations in the Coach’s Playbook; 2) sorting through the free international and US materials, organizing everything so that it was easy to work with from a business perspective, and 3) making sure that the workflow was clear and simple.

    He acknowledged that the resulting product was not as easy to use or as comprehensive as what we’ve put together. The consulting firm lost thousands of dollars in revenue because his time was spent on business operations instead of working with paying clients.

  • Experienced Coach B: An experienced SCC coaching cohort set aside multiple days to work with a paid assistant to clarify the process and organize the materials to work more efficiently. The cost for paying the assistant alone was approximately $700 - $900. In addition, the coaches had to significantly reduce time spent with their paying clients, and were not able to work on their potential sales.

Stories from those who purchased the materials:

  • New Coach: A newly certified coach planned to pay a temporary employee after certification. She anticipated it would take the individual about three weeks of work going through the Coach’s Playbook to create the business operations and checklists. (Anticipated cost: $1800 at $15/hour for three weeks of work.) She happily switched to the resources we’d put together because it saved her money, is based on best practices, the materials are high quality, and they’ve all been checked by Master Certified Stakeholder Centered Coaches and Frank and Chris.

  • Experienced coach: An experienced coach was working with a client and realized that the daily sheets template he had historically used was difficult for clients to work with. He realized that the Workflow Manual and Management Tools had three much simpler daily sheet templates to choose from, and immediately had them at his fingertips. He saved several hours of time creating the new daily sheet template on his own.

  • Experienced coach: An experienced coach started working with several clients at around with same period of time. With everything on her plate, she used the printed book to help her keep track of what she needed to do with each client. It helped her keep track of who needed what, and also what she needed to do. With all the materials already organized, she was able to quickly make small tweaks as needed and stay on track with all of her clients.

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